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Balboa Control



Product Number


$433.58 56005 Control Box (without remote control touchpad) 120V Solid State Accuracy +/- 1°F. 80° to 104°F. High-limit protect

$55.18 30792 Hi Limit/Temp Sensor for Wilmark Heat Swappers - 12" Cord 1/4" Bulb.

$133.22 56006 Remote Control Touchpad for above (required). Includes 10 lead. Has digital temperature display and diagnostics.

$42.85 1630 Touchpad Housing For attaching touchpad to wall or other flat surfaces. Includes velcro attachment.

$6.10 HS516 3' Pigtail - to connect control to 120V household outlet

$16.03 HS15 15' Touchpad lead extension cord with coupler *

$18.43 HS25 25' Touchpad lead extension cord with coupler *

$20.27 HS35 35' Touchpad lead extension cord with coupler *

*Touchpad includes a 10' lead. Touchpad works reliably with up to a 25' lead. Touchpads have reportedly worked with up to 50' total lead.