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Heat Swapper


The Heat Swapper™ utilizes the heat from an existing “closed system” heater such as a boiler, solar panels or indirect heater to heat your swimming pool or spa. The heat source cannot be a domestic hot water heater of potable water.
The hot water from the heat source flows over the tube bundle, while the pool or spa water flows through the tube bundle, causing the heat to be transferred (“swapped”) to the pool or spa water. Simple and efficient!

The Heat Swapper™ saves the purchase cost of a dedicated heater for your pool or spa.  The Heat Swapper™ eliminates all the following expensive or potentially troublesome components of a dedicated heater — gas line, exhaust flue, pressure switch, gas valve, pilot generator, and pilot burner.

Heat Swapper Flow Chart

Better Than an Electric Heater

The Heat Swapper™ will save significantly in heating costs when connected to a natural gas heater.  It heats much faster than an electric heater and easily maintains the temperature even when the spa jets are running.  Also, the electric service in most homes do not have the capacity to handle the load of an electric heater without additional expensive wiring.

Better Than an Gas Heater

The Heat Swapper™ eliminates the need to run an additional gas line and exhaust flue for a separate spa or pool heater.  It has no gas valve and no pilot to waste fuel and is much smaller than a gas heater. Most gas heaters have copper heat exchangers which are subject to damage from low pH or chemical imbalances.  The Heat Swapper's™ 316L stainless steel or Titanium heat exchanger is much more tolerant of these common water problems.  Our electronic thermostat is twice as accurate as those on many heaters and the standard Balboa remote digital display can be located conveniently for temperature monitoring and adjustments.


With 140° heat source, the small Heat Swapper™ will heat a 500 gallon spa.  With 190° heat source, the small Heat Swapper™ will heat a 1000 gallon spa, a 20 x 40 indoor pool, or 16 x 32 outdoor pool.  The larger Heat Swapper™ will transfer more heat faster at the same cost. These are general guidelines.  Call us for sizing information for your specific application.

Spa Heating Chart

Heating times are based on average conditions and assumes using the smaller 170,000 BTU Heat Swapper™. The larger 270,000 BTU Heat Swapper™ would cut heating time by almost half.